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Project Staff

GailGail Holdner

Hi, I'm Gail Holdner the Project Coordinator. I oversee all the activities for both the Special Needs and Moving On Projects. I am the one new English members speak to when entering the project. An important component of my job is to always be looking for new ways the projects can respond to member's concerns.I started with the Special Needs Project and SpeciaLink in 2000. Since that time we have grown to support two projects, each having two levels of support, for two unions, in two languages! I feel very fortunate to be working on such an innovative project with so many wonderful people.I have been touched by members stories of both the joys and the challenges of life with a child with special needs. I hope you find this website an easy and helpful way to connect with the project and with other members.

Dorothy KeiganDorothy 2

I'm Dorothy Keigan and I'm the office coordinator for the Special Needs and Moving On projects. I keep track of member and advisor information on the database. I update the forms, documents and handouts that are sent to the members participating in the projects.

I process forms and cheques for the members and advisors. For example, if I receive a vitamin form, I input the information into the database and relay it to the insurance company.

I also coordinate conference calls that bring together the project coordinator and the advisors across Canada. This is a great job-I feel that I'm making a difference.

brendaBrenda Duchesne

I am Brenda Duchesne, the Administrative Coordinator for the Special Needs and Moving On Projects.

I have been with the Project since 2018 and find it very rewarding. I prepare the mail and the new member packages, input and file invoices, and organize the documents for the interviews the Advisors do with project members. I also help Advisors.




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