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PSAC-UPCE negotiations with Canada Post.

 September 8, 2008

Negotiations with Canada Post

Canada Post refuses to negotiate

Your bargaining team returned to Ottawa this week prepared to resume negotiations with Canada Post with the assistance of a conciliator.

Despite the fact that Canada Post had well over a week to consider the union's response to its all-or-nothing offer, there was absolutely no movement on the part of the Canada Post's bargaining team.

Canada Post's original offer -- as communicated to you by your bargaining team on September 2, 2008 -- still stands.

That offer was unacceptable then and it is unacceptable now.

Your team remains ready to negotiate, but we are not prepared to bargain away your current entitlements -- nor is the team prepared to accept the financial offer tabled by Canada Post.

Your team is now looking to you for your help to send a message to Canada Post.

Over the coming six weeks, team members will be attending local meetings and they will be available to answer any questions that you may have.

Details about these meetings will be posted at your workplace in the near future.