Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Special Needs Project.

While we celebrate, we wanted to take the opportunity to remember that it was made possible by the early efforts of women postal workers to make child care an issue for their union and Canada Post.

We invited several CUPW women to take part in a virtual Fireside Chat to talk about these early days. To get at the “story behind the story” of the Child Care Fund and the Special Needs and Moving On projects. Women like Huguette LeBlanc, Marion Pollack, Lynn Bue, Cathy Kennedy, and Jeanie Campbell took part and shared and remembered long forgotten struggles and victories.

In the words of Jeanie Campbell, “This whole conversation has been wonderful. We don’t sound like militant women, but we were in our day, and we did it! I remember being on negotiations, way back when. We were sitting in the car coming back from a round of negotiations and Geoff Bickerton put on Billy Bragg singing The Internationale, and we were all singing along. There was this writer with us and she asked, ‘Why aren’t you people writing your history?’ And I said, ‘Because we’re too busy making it.’ And we have made it. And we should be proud of that. I’m very proud.” 

The full transcript of our Fireside Chat will be in the next edition of the CUPW Rose magazine. It will also be posted on the Special Needs and Moving On Projects website at