Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

Canadian Centre on Disability Studies Program Evaluation Update – Special Needs and Moving On Projects

CDSBy the time you read this issue, members in both projects will have completed the evaluation questionnaire with their advisors.

The CCDS Project Team is currently analyzing the questionnaire data and preparing to conduct in-depth interviews with union representatives, project staff, advisors, and a Family Place representative.

The CCDS Project Team will analyze the data from the SNP and MO questionnaires, the interviews and additional project data to identify project strengths, areas for improvement, and a vision to better meet the needs of members who have sons and daughters with special needs and disabilities.

In October 2017 the CCDS Project Team will prepare a final report for the union. We look forward to sharing a summary of the key findings both online and through this newsletter.

CUPW and the CCDS Project Team appreciate all of the members, advisors and project staff in your individual and collective effort in working with us to learn how – together – we can make these projects better for everyone!

Disability Support Information Update

We are continuing our work to address members’ needs for more information about disability supports through a Support Navigator and an online database of disability supports.

We have posted the position for a Support Navigator to join the Special Needs and Moving On project staff at Family Place. The Support Navigator will be available to all members in both projects to assist in finding the disability support information you need.

We are working with several provincial 211 organizations to develop pilot online portals of disability information for members. Our work on this is going slower than we hoped, but is very promising. We’ll keep you posted as this work advances.

Note: Manitoba is the latest province to have online 211 services. Check it out at!

Check out these disability supports:

Safe and Secure

“Safe and Secure” presents a seven-step process that families can follow to create a safe, secure, and pleasant future for their daughters and sons with disabilities.

Note: English only.

Download the free e-book at:




“Jooay” is a free app that connects children and youth with disabilities to leisure activities: arts, camps, sports, others. Info at:

Available on the App store and soon on Google Play

Jooay is a growing community Canada wide.


Note: The Jooay app is available in French. The language of application depends on the user's phone settings.

The website is currently only in English.


p4p Planning network

P4P is a planning network that empowers families with free planning resources to help your loved one with a disability live their best life.

Ontario based, but many resources applicable for families across the country. Wonderful videos!

Note: English only.

Info at:



La Fédération québécoise de l’autisme (FQA)

Ressource: ‘Autisme et intimidation, c'est non.’

  • Le guide de la Fédération pour les personnes autistes, leurs parents
  • et les professionnels qui les entourent
  • Trois capsules de sensibilisation
à l’usage de tous


Note: French only

Spectrum productions


“Creating opportunities for youth and young adults on the Autism spectrum through video and media production”

Spectrum Productions believes in encouraging and supporting the social and creative advancement of youth on the Autism Spectrum. We are committed to providing participants access to all aspects of film production, through the tools, equipment and guidance needed to make personal and collaborative media projects.

Programming includes summer camps, Saturday morning cartoons, creative media lab, after school and social club. Located in Montreal.

Private organization with funds from the AppleHill Foundation.

More info at:

Note: In Montreal; bilingual website