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Autism Parent Resource Kit

Autism ribbon

The Autism Parent Resource Kit is an online resource to help parents, caregivers and families better understand autism and the range of services and support available in Ontario.

What is the Autism Parent Resource Kit?

It’s a new comprehensive resource that can:

  • Increase your understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the range of programs across Ontario
  • Provide tools, strategies and resources to help you and your family
  • Reassure you that you are not alone, through the voices of other parents

How is the Kit organized?

This Kit is designed to act as a starting point or gateway to help parents, caregivers and professionals find useful and credible resources on ASD. The information contained in this website is organized according to potential information needs at key phases and transitions of a child's life. Each section of the website addresses a particular set of issues and transitions parents/caregivers may encounter.

All of the kit content is available in two sections: “Tools” and “Resources”. There is also a downloadable version which you can access by clicking the “Download the Kit” button at the top of this page.

What does the “Tools” section include?

The “Tools” section is organized according to parents’ potential information needs as key phases and transitions of a child’s life. At the end of each section, Learn More provides a list of websites, books and resources to further your knowledge.

What does the “Resources” section include?

“Resources” provides information on the range of programs and services that are funded by the Government of Ontario, services and supports available in your area, and information on ASD research.