Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

Resource Links Directory

Our Resource Links Directory includes information about supports, programs and services available to families who have children or adults with special needs. Dre. Annick Vincent


This site was created and developed by psychiatrist Annick Vincent and deals with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The site provides information and reference source for those who want to learn more about attention deficit disorder and provides additional help for health professionals.

It also presents advice and information to better understand this disorder, i.e, its causes, symptoms, ADHD in children, ADHD in adults, and available options to deal more effectively with ADHD, including pharmacological treatment, and questionnaires on ADHD. It also contain a resource section (including ADHD associations) and links to these, to make navigation easier.

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Autism Canada


Autism Canada has been the hub of knowledge and understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorder in Canada since 1976.

This national website contains a wealth of information about autism:

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Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD)

cadThe Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD) provides consultation and information on Deaf needs and interests to the public, business, media, educators, governments and others. 

They conduct research and collect data regarding Deaf issues; issue reports on  these studies; and provide expertise on them; develop and implement pilot programs.They offer assistance to Deaf organizations and service agencies across the country, and also provide a major library and resource centre on deafness at their office in Ottawa, Ontario.

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Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB)

ccbThe main objectives of the CCB are to give people who are blind or vision impaired a voice in their own affairs (through the consumer advocacy movement) and to provide rehabilitation through peer support and social and recreational activities.

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Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW / CCRT)

canadain_assoc_commun_livinPrograms and Services include: WORKink; Job Accommodation Service (JAS); Skills Training Partnership (STP); Disability Awareness Series (DAS); Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program (PWIP); Workplace Inclusion Program (WIP); Wendy Blair Storybook Series.

Of special interest:
Website provides direct link to WORKink, a virtual Employment Resource Centre for Job Seekers with Disabilities:

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Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA)

cadThe Canadian Diabetes Association supports people affected by diabetes by providing information, support and referrals if required.
They also work with municipal, provincial, territorial and federal governments and policy-makers to ensure they recognize diabetes as one of the most significant public health issues in Canada today, and take action to address it.

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Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA)

CHHACHHA is the national voice of all hard of hearing Canadians. It is a non-profit, self-help, bilingual consumer organization run by and for persons who are hard of hearing.

The philosophy of CHHA is to produce knowledgeable hard of hearing consumers who understand how to have their needs met.

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Canadian Health Network

canadian_health_netWebsite includes: In-depth information on 27 key health topics and population groups, with resources on how to stay healthy and prevent disease and injury; High-quality national health information and regional resources from Canada's provinces, territories and local communities; Information on societal health issues such as violence prevention, environment and health, and workplace safety; Monthly feature articles on current health issues, special guest columnists, and 'behind the news' information and analysis.

Of special interest:
Feature article Feb 2006: "Your Kid Can Go to Summer Camp" - exploring the options for children with disabilities and chronic diseases.

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