Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs


Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB)

ccbThe main objectives of the CCB are to give people who are blind or vision impaired a voice in their own affairs (through the consumer advocacy movement) and to provide rehabilitation through peer support and social and recreational activities.

The objectives of the Council are threefold:

  • To promote the well-being of individuals who are blind or vision impaired through higher education, profitable employment and social association, and to create a closer relationship between blind and sighted friends.
  • To organize a nation-wide organization of people who are blind and vision impaired and groups of blind persons throughout Canada.
  • To promote measures for the conservation of sight and the prevention of blindness.
  • Resource Details:
    Topic Area: Specific disability: blind, deaf-blind and visually impaired
    Type: Organization website
    Source/Organization: A national self-help consumer organization "of" persons blind, deaf-blind and visually impaired
    Geographic Focus: National
    Language: English and French
    Purpose: To act as the 'voice of the blind'
    Date reviewed: September 2014