Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs


Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Quebec

quebecsp• Support and encourage research to determine the causes of spina-bifida; work towards improving treatment and prevention techniques.

• Disseminate information about spina-bifida and hydrocephalus in its publication Le Spinnaker; sponsor information and training sessions; ensure production of material, promotion and

awareness-building tours throughout Québec.
• See to the development of services that meet the needs of persons with spina-bifida and their families.
• Provide counselling and referral services.
• Educate the public about spina-bifida and how to prevent it.
• Provide leadership and cohesiveness among regional associations to share ideas and experiences, throughout Québec.
• Develop and oversee media communications, so as to harmonize its message with existing policy.
• Lobby government and other decision-making bodies on issues regarding community living, especially for those with spina-bifida.
• Provide support to regional associations by sharing its expertise as well as providing planning, organizational and promotional tools, etc.

Resource Details:
Topic Area: Family support and information
Type: Website
Source/Organization: Not-for-profit organization
Geographic Focus: Québec
Language: Bilingual (French and English)
Purpose: Improve the quality of life for its members and of those who lives are affected by spina-bifida
Date reviewed: January 2013