Aider les travailleuses et travailleurs

qui ont des enfants ayant des besoins
spéciaux à surmonter les obstacles


Luke's Story

m2mimage15.pngReprinted from letters to Member to Menber #15

Our son Luke has just turned 11. The CUPW funding has really benefited his life. We are able to purchase a YMCA membership and involve him in many of their programs that help him with his self-esteem and co-ordination. He enjoys many sports activities as well as swimming lessons. This is only possible with the funding because the CUPW funds pay for most of the tutoring he needs. He is tutored to increase his reading, math and spelling. His tutor lives out of town and it’s a weekly commitment of a 40 mile round trip and a 1 hour tutor session that my husband or I sit in with Luke. Every day we practice what she has taught him to reinforce what he’s trying so hard to learn. We have seen this current tutor for 9 months and Luke has made great progress with her. She has a visual tutoring method. A retired teacher was helping him but his retention and understanding just wasn’t happening. Luke is still behind his current grade level of 5 but is now a solid grade 3 level of math, reading and spelling. His printing is very good and he’s currently learning cursive handwriting. He is on an IEP at school. He enjoys school and is a very happy boy. I will provide more information on his progress and his tutor who is a master practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Psychology).

Letter Carrier
Bellville, ON