Aider les travailleuses et travailleurs

qui ont des enfants ayant des besoins
spéciaux à surmonter les obstacles


Les programmes Besoins spéciaux et Aller de l'avant

Les programmes Besoins spéciaux et Aller de l'avant fournissent des ressources et du soutien aux travailleuses et travailleurs des postes qui ont des enfants ayant des limitations fonctionnelles. Ils sont offerts aux membres du Syndicat des travailleurs et travailleuses des postes et du Syndicat des employés des postes et des communications (Alliance de la fonction publique du Canada). Le programme Besoins spéciauxs'adresse aux familles comptant de jeunes enfants; le programme Aller de l'avant, aux parents d'enfants majeurs ayant des besoins spéciaux. La vie est plus exigeante lorsqu'on travaille et qu'on a un enfant ayant des besoins spéciaux. Découvrez comment ces programmes peuvent vous aider, vous et votre famille.


Nancy Bokma

 Nancy B

I can’t remember exactly when I became an advisor. I’ve been doing it for quite a number of years.

I heard about the job and thought it was perfect for me, talking on the phone and finding resources. I quickly learned it was so much more. I love the challenge of finding resources or generally helping people. Sometimes it can be as simple as just listening.

I’m a Family Support Worker and a Resource Teacher /Early Interventionist. I have worked with children and families for approximately 35 years. I love my work and I love the simple fact that I can help make a difference in people’s lives.

Meeting the families through the project has greatly humbled me and made me appreciate my life more. Being a parent is hard but being a parent of a child with special needs is ten times harder. I’m always continually amazed at the love, dedication and tenacity the parents have for their children. They want to fight for them but sometimes they do not have the tools to do that. This becomes our job. You become like family because you share births, deaths, divorces, marriages, etc. You cry and laugh at life together and learn together.

The thing I like best about being an advisor is the families. You get to meet so many wonderful people. The families have taught me so much about different disabilities and what it truly means to be a survivor. I get so excited when I get to see one of my children in the newsletter. Another thing I like is being able to give support and encouragement. It is satisfactory and rewarding to see the progress, even if it is very small. In some cases it is hard because the child may have come to the level at which they will remain.

I’d like to see the school system change so the children could get the education they deserve. The battles the parents have to go through (waiting list, substandard education, fighting to take their child to appointments etc.) are wrong on so many levels. These families who have so much to deal with should be helped but instead they are sometimes given many more burdens to carry.

I’d like to thank the Project for giving me this unique opportunity and I‘d like to thank the families for allowing me into their lives. I am honored to do both.


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