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who have children with special needs

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Quebec Cerebral Palsy Association

qpcaIt promotes and defends the rights of parents and people affected in order to facilitate their integration into society and improve their quality of life. Description:Inform, guide and assist people with motor disorders, and those close to them; provide information on programs, government services and available community resources; refer to services required; assist in efforts to get help and resolve difficulties.

The service allows our members to use special equipment while waiting to receive permanent technical assistance or for help with a temporary need for a period of six months or more as needed. Note: a request for equipment must be accompanied by a recommendation from a recognized therapist.In some cases, we offer emergency financial assistance when all other government or community resources have been approached. An effort is made not to duplicate services already funded.

Of special interest: The association has a fund aimed principally at helping families of differently-abled persons who, in cases of death, have little or no insurance. A lump sum payment of $300.00 is directly paid to the family of the deceased member in good standing. The offer is made without regard to the member's individual coverage or assets, until the fund is exhausted.

Resource Details:
Topic Area: Information and family support, rights and lega information, detailed information on disability l
Type: Website
Source/Organization: Not-for-profit organization
Geographic Focus: Québec
Language: Bilingual (French and English)
Purpose: Increase services provided to differently-abled children; meet those needs that health services at the time could no longer provide to people with cerebral palsy. The Association is there to listen. It promotes and defends the rights of parents and peopl
Date reviewed: January 2013