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who have children with special needs

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Association Québécoise pour les enfants ... (AQEA)

aqea Quebec association for dysphasic children

Bring together parents of dysphasic children; Educate the community about the day-to-day realities of these children; Inform parents about their rights and the variety of services that exist to help them and their children;

Identify the needs of these children and parents; Promote the development of new services; Educate day care providers and specialists as well as educational, health and social services, about the realities faced by these children; Gather and promote research on dysphasia.

Special : AQEA organizes several conferences on dysphasia for parents, specialists, and researchers from several countries.

Resource Details:
Topic Area: Information and family support
Type: Website
Source/Organization: Not-for-profit organization
Geographic Focus: Québec
Language: French
Purpose: AQEA aims at promoting a better understanding of dysphasic children and to promote health services at every level for these children and their parents.
Date reviewed: September 2014