Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

Because of ABA

I have worked at 35 Hughes St. at the Customer Contact Center since 1999. In 2004 my husband and I welcomed our son Jacob into our lives. In 2006 he was diagnosed with autism. We also have a daughter, Hannah Rose, who loves her big brother very much. Jacob and his ‘baby' are home with their Nan while my husband and I go out to work. Jacob has fantastic ASW's (Autism Support Workers) who are part of our family. 20 hours per week are provided by government and we pay the rest - $15/hr + tax. (When we're lucky he gets 28-32 hrs a week. Because of ABA, Jacob doesn't bite his sister now, his eye contact is AMAZING, and has learned what it means when he is asked ‘Pick up book', ‘clap hands' and is starting to help put groceries in the cart while we're shopping. Jacob also enjoys a half hour of music lessons on Sundays (which Hannah Rose invites herself to). He LOVES his music teacher, who also is the organist at our church. She has taught autistic children in the past and it shows. Jacob is enrolled in horseback riding therapy too. This starts up again in October - 30 minutes a week for 5 weeks. He LOVES horses!

When we found out about Jacob's developmental delay we were devastated. But my manager Brigette, and my officer Agathe have been amazingly supportive. As mothers themselves they have supported me, listened to me and have encouraged me to be the rock my family needs. They ask about his progress, laugh about his latest ‘cute thing he did' and smile when I need a boost.
My mother, my husband, my church, family and co-workers have been what keeps me going - to be a good parent to Jacob and Hannah Rose and to keep my sanity.
My husband and I will try and do as much as possible throughout Jacob and Hannah Rose's life to ensure it is enriched with special experiences. Thank you for taking our families submission into consideration. Respectfully,

Customer Service
Hanwell, NB