Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

TDA-H Belgium

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Our association has the following goals:

Raise awareness of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Inform, support and help families, adults, children and all those concerned by ADHD.


Promote the creation of meeting and discussion groups to build solidarity among all those who face this problem and organize meetings between children, parents or other stakeholders.

Participate in the creation of assistance cells for adults.

Encourage information, coordination and promotion of educational and coaching methods geared to the specific characteristics of ADHD and related disorders.

Organize and coordinate multidisciplinary solidarity, which is essential to the academic and social integration of children and teens with these disorders through the implementation of adaptive measures to promote integrated not marginalized schooling.

Work very closely with professionals, research centres and universities.

Promote research on screening protocols, push for and participate in the implementation of multidisciplinary therapeutic follow-up.

Participate in the creation of one or more centres specialized in diagnosis, treatment and specific rehabilitation in combination or not with psychotherapeutic, psychoanalytic, behavioural or cognitive case management that can also impact on other frequently associated neurophysiologic dysfunctions, such as dyslexia, dysphasia, dysgraphia, etc.

Promote implementation of therapies that are best suited to the disorders in question.

Defend the rights of individuals diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity, to assist them, if necessary, and fight ignorance and prejudice about these disorders.

Creation of a library and video library of works on ADHD and related disorders.

Promote, support and coordinate associations with similar goals.

Organize or oversee the organization of conferences and discussion forums.

Organize or oversee the organization of awareness-building activities, in and outside schools, for a few hours or a weekend, or vacation camps designed specifically for children or teens with attention deficit disorders, with or without hyperactivity.

Creation of drop-in programs for children with ADHD.

Creation of integrated classes in an existing school environment, specifically for ADHD.

Creation of a school designed specifically for children and teens with attention deficit disorders, with or without hyperactivity

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