Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

inclusive_educationSite is designed as a meeting place for parents, school representative and community members. Site is organized into three main categories:
1. Advocate - Information and resources to help parents advocate on behalf of their sons and daughters

2. Learn - what does an inclusive classroom look like? What strategies will help? What is the current research and policies on inclusive education across Canada
3. Engage - space for parents, educators, students, community members, researchers, principals and government officials to share input, opinions and expertise with one another.

Of special interest:

Direct link to listing of ministries of education in all jurisdictions:

Direct link to inclusive education initiatives of community living associations across the country:

Resource Details:
Topic Area: Education: inclusion, advocacy
Type: Information website
Source/Organization: An initiative of the Canadian Association for Community Living
Geographic Focus: National
Language: English only
Purpose: To help promote and achieve a vision of inclusion education in Canada
Date reviewed: January 2013