Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

It is official; Canada Post Corporation has served a 72-hour notice to lockout its workers!

What does this mean for members using the Special Needs and Moving On Projects?

Many members will have already received their current period payment in the mail. For those who have not, there may well be a delay if Canada Post pursues the lockout. We want to assure members that monies allocated for the current period will be made available to you once the lockout is over.

If we end up in a protracted labour dispute, future monthly payments may be stalled, but again we want to assure you that these amounts will be made payable and mailed directly, once workers are back on the job and the mail is moving again.

What does it mean for members currently applying to be part of the Special Needs and Moving On Projects?

We want members applying for the projects to know that we will continue to process new applications. Your start date and subsequent monthly payments will be made retroactive to your date of your approval. This means that while we may not be able to send or receive all the information related to your application you will receive payment from the time your application is approved.

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