Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

Canadian Health Network

canadian_health_netWebsite includes: In-depth information on 27 key health topics and population groups, with resources on how to stay healthy and prevent disease and injury; High-quality national health information and regional resources from Canada's provinces, territories and local communities; Information on societal health issues such as violence prevention, environment and health, and workplace safety; Monthly feature articles on current health issues, special guest columnists, and 'behind the news' information and analysis.

Of special interest:
Feature article Feb 2006: "Your Kid Can Go to Summer Camp" - exploring the options for children with disabilities and chronic diseases.

Resource Details:
Topic Area: Family support and information
Type: Network website
Source/Organization: Network of health information providers includes the Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada and national and provincial/territorial non-profit organizations, as well as universities, hospitals, libraries and community organizations
Geographic Focus: National
Language: Bilingual French and English
Purpose: To support Canadians in making informed choices about their health, by providing access to multiple sources of credible and practical e-health information
Date reviewed: September 2014